Tuscan and European Architecture Executed to Its Finest in South Charlotte

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cheval frontdoorTuscan and European architecture combine modern and classic elements to make up pure Old World design which is highly sought after in high end residential homes. The beauty of the Tuscan style comes from custom-crafted natural stone which often includes limestone, travertine and marble. Terracotta floor and roof tiles are typically used to give homes the feeling of history. Wooden beams are often refurbished from old farmhouses and buildings to complete the look.
Additionally, elements of European architecture are also included and may be as simple as the use of fine Italian building materials which create beautiful marble fireplaces, wrought iron gates and amazing fountains.

The Cheval Preferred Builder Program is made up of experts who build and execute Tuscan and European style homes with authentic excellence. The luxury homebuilders and design experts at Schreiner Custom Homes, Beacon Builders and Arthur Rutenberg Homes made up the Cheval Featured Builder Group and are some of Charlotte’s and the Southeast’s finest builders.

Each building team has designed spacious, custom homes that not only will meet and exceed your expectations but also integrate authentic Tuscan and European elements which makes each home at Cheval a showcase of Old World charm. Additionally, the well-designed home plans foresee owners’ needs by equipping the homes with the latest in custom finishes and beautiful moldings. Floorplans can be modified to meet the needs of each buyer and their personal taste.

Cheval showcases authentic Tuscan and European architecture like no other community in the Southeast. We invite you to visit and to be treated to some of our Old World charm by visiting the sales center at the entrance of our community.

Schreiner Custom Homes

Schreiner Custom Homes

Beacon Builders

Beacon Builders

Arthur Rutenberg Homes

Arthur Rutenberg Homes

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