The Inspiration

My grandfather, John Schmidt (aka Pop Pop), was a tool and die maker by trade but was best known for being a problem solver, especially in the community. He led by example and enjoyed working in a variety of capacities such as Mayor and Fire Chief. He prided himself on his work ethic and integrity. This component is especially significant in a successful building company. The name of our company is a tribute to him and the authenticity in which he led his life. My father was also instrumental in my younger years by sharing his work from his architectural firm — the creativity and design element is essential in developing solutions to the potential complexities of custom homebuilding. I was fortunate enough to have these excellent mentors in the formulation of our company.

The Builder

My name is Matt Ewers, and I am the lucky general contractor of Grandfather Homes. After spending four years in the Marine Corps, I followed my building dreams and pursued a Construction Management degree from East Carolina University. Experience and knowledge from both of these backgrounds have proven to be very helpful in navigating the homebuilding process. While working for a national and regional builder as a superintendent and then division manager, I assembled a team of trade partners that are the real craftsmen of Grandfather Homes. These fine men and women are the backbone of our company and enable us to consistently deliver exceptional homes. Our trade partners are managed by our “Working Family”; Grandfather Homes employees such as Amy Jamison (Office Manager), Chris Royal (Project Manager), and Jason Majewski (Foreman).

The Team

We establish ourselves with other companies that share our values. We look for trade partners that direct their companies and employees to do the right thing regardless of conflict or difficulty. We have built lasting relationships with admirable tradesmen in the Charlotte area for over a decade and feel that these companies are worthy of sharing our name and vice versa.

The Family

The “Home Family” includes my beautiful wife, Gretchen, our babies, Elijah, Mattie, and Willow, and of course, our three dogs Nelly, Clyde, and Pippen. Gretchen also enjoys the entrepreneur spirit in the ownership of her dog training company, The Dog Wizard.