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Built By Coalition specializes in modern luxury and comfort-inspired custom designs. Founder and Owner Daniel Queen has been building luxury homes in the Greater Charlotte area since 2006.

“Create a home that’s perfect for you, built by a team who has you in mind.”

“Built By Coalition always has you in mind. Built and engineered with excellence, each home is tailored to the tastes and lifestyles of its occupants … because a home is not simply for hosting—but for living, laughing, playing, and building memories within your community.”

“It takes YOU. It takes a COALITION. It is coming together to do a good thing. Nothing great is built alone. It’s Built By Coalition.”

Communication is Built By Coalition’s specialty; for them, it’s the very catalyst of a successful build and partnership. Built By Coalition believes the foundation is only as good as its team.

“From the trades who pour the concrete, to those who pick out the designs … From the street sweeper to the bricklayer, Built By Coalition partners with the BEST.”