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"We build your home as if it were our own. Our mission is to deliver exceptional quality, accuracy, value, and transparency for every client. COSTNER BUILDING GROUP. A Legacy of Trust."



Costner Building Group recognizes that everyone’s lifestyle is unique. They seek to understand each client’s “why” and cater their approach to best suit their clients' individual needs. Costner works directly with some of the top architects in the country to begin an integrated approach on every project. They take care of everything, eliminating the unknown by beginning with a conceptual budget, moving on to a detailed construction schedule, and getting down to cash flow projections so that there are no surprises during the process.


Costner Building Group assigns every project a project manager to ensure goals are met in a timely fashion, keeping transparency and control top of mind. They establish communication channels and trade partners for each specific project from the beginning so that their clients remain a part of the entire process and are guided through the big decisions that need to be made. The goal: To make each home become a synergy of distinct design and practical functionality.


Each custom home is built to be high-performance and energy efficient using cutting-edge techniques to ensure every home will last for generations to come. Costner Building Group's hope is that each new home will be a platform for every new owner and  their families to thrive, and they stay with their new owners after the final product is done to address any issues that may arise.