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Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Grandfather Homes is a premier luxury custom home builder. With high quality craftsmanship and extensive experience, Grandfather Homes is dedicated to building their client’s dream home.

When Grandfather Homes builds a custom home, their team of designers and builders work diligently to actualize the concept—and bring those dreams to life. Their approach to the construction process strongly emphasizes listening and communicating with clients regularly and providing them updates on their progress. For Grandfather Homes, integrity, close attention to detail, and honesty are integral to creating a positive environment.

“As a father of two special needs children, I’ve come to realize that things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes the detour is entirely better than the original plan. The same goes for custom homebuilding. If we can step back and embrace what has been afforded to us, we will inevitably elevate the outcome. The joy of this fruition is astoundingly rewarding. We strive to maintain this spirit in all of our team—that good will, innovation, and hard work will always yield the best results and value. We hope to make each of our homes as uniquely as God has made our lives.”

Matt Ewers, Owner & President, Grandfather Homes